Web design, graphics, databases. Complex things made simple. Handcrafted to meet your requirements. Efficient. Available in different sizes worldwide.

KOENIGE Data Design, that's Gustaf Mossakowski and his project partners. Player in the market in all three areas since 1997.

You are planning to go online with a website (or a single homepage)? I can give you advice on domain names, internet presence providers, content and structure of a website, writing for the web, accessibility, usability and appearance and layout of your presence. Other people still search, you want to be found.

Ok, it shall look good as well. Graphic design for print and web gives your conversation with the world the necessary kick. You'll get designs for flyers, posters and logos. Prepress repros inclusive. Or you're looking for a website that's not off the shelf. Or both. Or, if you're lucky and you have all that already, you're planning to launch a website that fits into your Corporate Identity.

You have big amounts of data? In a database, your data will flow like a fish in an aquarium. Your data will become information that can easily be linked and queried, as a report or in standardized export formats. Over the web, you can access and edit your data. Bigger corporations or organizations need rights management on different levels. Standardized database modules will be fitted to individually to your needs.

You have an interesting project? Please get in touch with me!