Projects by Techniques

  • Web

    A website consists of hyperlinked pages made with HTML for the content's structure, CSS plus graphics for the layout and JavaScript for the behaviour

  • CMS

    A Content Management System (CMS) lets you organize your content in a database via the web browser and delivers it to your visitors the way they need it.

  • Layout/Graphics

    Good graphical design? Supports the texts, complements them or makes them even superfluous. Helps getting recognized.

  • Databases

    organize small and big amounts of data into usable information, link data and generate reports analyzing and listing the data.

  • I18N

    Internationalization: Providing content in more than one language. Not only adding the possibility to add translations but also giving regard to different cultures.

  • Text

    Writing for the web and for print. Especially for the web, texts have to be short and concise. Keywords help getting found on the web.

Projects by Subjects

  • Architects, Designers, Artists

    Images. Images. Images. People who transport their messages mainly visually want to do that in the web, too.

  • Education

    Content, events and activity for studying at a unversity. Preparation and collection for print and web.

  • Chess

    Material for learning the game of chess and means for promoting it to the public (e. g. with a corporate identity for the German Chess Youth)

  • Geo

    Maps let you present your data in four dimensions (space and time). Direct input from GPS data can be used.

  • Cultural Heritage

    Data management and collection for sites and monuments of historical relevance (in Afghanistan and Pakistan)